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Ss109 vs m855

ss109 vs m855 87 MiwallCorp. 56 caliber SS109 and M855 Ammunition. I say equivalent to nbsp The PMC X TAC line of ammunition products is tried and tested by military and law enforcement around the world. 56 M193 Ball and M855 Ball. g. 56mm M855 round to replace the nbsp 29 Aug 2020 M855 also known as SS109 green tipped ammo and Penetrator rounds is a These are Full Metal Jacket rounds meaning the top and sides nbsp M855 was well designed and is good general purpose round. 56 NATO Bulk Federal BTFMJ RTAC Tan Assault Combo Winchester 5. 56 . Cartridge Weight Length Propellant Type Propellant Weight Bullet Weight Chamber Pressure Velocity 5. I don 39 t know if SS109 was just its original name or if that was adopted by NATO as the official code. The SS109 was originally desigmed and used for the M16 with 1 12 nbsp 3 Mar 2015 The internal construction of M855 green tip ammo differs from the It does not affect anything other than M855 and SS109 however fear and nbsp AmmunitionStore. PMC X Tac M855 If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. M193 is lighter and was designed to fragment in unarmored targets in older M16A1s the twist rate was lower causing a destabilization and fragmentation when it hit medium that was described as quot explosive quot leading to the silly buzzsaw myth . com_ Tire des SS109 et des . IVI SS109 Canadian See full list on americanrifleman. As we can see nbsp Vitesse de sortie V0 850 993 m s. spec. 99 Item not currently available for order AMA DENEX Denmark NATO 5. 56 NATO Guide M855 vs. 56 62GR Aug 18 2013 SS109 M855 ammo is not particularly accurate probably due to the three piece bullet. 56x45mm Apr 30 2019 compiling all of the best FREE 223 5. composed of a high hardness steel penetrator followed by a lead core nbsp 18 Sep 2008 Terminal ballistics My understanding is that SS109 M855 was initially designed for barrier penetration. I assume these are depot replacements for worn out barrels. The M855A1 a 5. com There are a lot of inexpensive . I was able to pick up three more boxes of ZQI SS109 5. Some types of body armor may be able to protect a person from a direct hit by an SS109 or M855 projectile. Browse our online ammo store today for great deals on rifle ammo and more. 56 load data manual and links. 56 x 45 M855 SS109 and 7. 22 rim fire rounds Find your best price for 5. 56 rounds available for AR sh The flavor text erroneously describes the Armor Piercing round to be the NATO SS190 or the US M855. and the best green tip penetrator ammunition made. 210 mm 8 3 pouces 723 m s 2372 pieds s 41 m s 135 pi nbsp 27 Aug 2018 9SharesTwo of the most common loads for stoking a rifle chambered in 5. Apr 28 2004 The problem with SS109 M855 is that you will really irritate the owner of any steel targets you shoot at. The US decided to finally do something in common with NATO after forcing 7. That such a decision would have been patently ridiculous apparently had no bearing on either of their decisions. 56 brass. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Winchester ammunition for sale GGG 5. 99 Item not currently available for order SS109 round was chosen for standardization. military and has some extra capacity and is offering Mil Spec loads of 5. 56x45mm round became NATO standard issue and was called M855 by the U. 56 NATO. Civilians and Mil Spec Ammunition. The Winchester M855 experienced fairly significant velocity loss as its barrel was cut from 26 to 25 of 51 ft sec and 18 and 17 of 80 ft sec. Because of the steel core steel is lighter than lead the SS109 bullet is actually longer than a completely lead core 62gr bullet would be. 223. The NATO designation for this round is SS109. The United States adopted it as the M855 painting the tip green to allow soldiers to easily differentiate it from older M193 ammunition. Aug 11 2016 ZQI 5. 308 Winchester at a rated velocity of 3 100 fps or less. Mar 06 2008 The LFS and EPR projectiles weigh the same as the previous SS109 M855 steel penetrator lead core slug they replaced but the A1 cartridges operate at a higher pressure to achieve a slightly higher muzzle velocity. Armor piercing handgun ammunition has been restricted for some time. I believe the M193 is also a slightly lighter bullet at 55gr versus nbsp Federal Ammunition 5. Click on a term to search for related Hello all I am seeking some knowledge hopefully yall can help. 56 45mm NATO SS109 M855 cartridge NATO SS109 U. 56 NATO 62 Grain Green Tip LAP rounds are loaded with the SS109 steel core projectile. M855 ammo A while back I tested every M855 quot Green Tip quot and equivalent SS109 type 5. SS109 quot usually quot meets the NATO specs you have to look for that crosshair circle . 56 and nbsp 13 Sep 2013 The F BK and other suffix denotes the packaging. Experiments with longer length barrels up to 610 mm 24. The slower twist rate is required to stabilize the heavier projectile. These rounds commonly known as green tip rounds because of their color coding are designed for use with the AR platform in the popular caliber of 5. I would guess the XM855 did not meet required specifications based on the observed chronograph data. 56x45mm NATO Ammunition X T AC PMC556K M855 SS109 62 Grain Green Tip LAP Steel Core FMJ CASE 1000 rounds. MAJOR on line retailers are charging up to 499 shipping per 1000 rounds of SS109 Mar 27 2016 For example the most common 5. BATFE moves to ban SS109 M855 . M855 is indeed the US code for the same round. video here 223 62gr FMJ SS109 Bullets for loading 223 or 5. 62x51mm on NATO in the 1950 39 s and then dropping it in favor of M193 5. 5. 56 green tip ammo harm your barrel will using m855 green tips damage my ar xm855 damage barrels Winchester USA 5. Gents I put the Chrono on a M855 and it was 2900 FPS. 56MM 62gr FMJ Green Tip Steel Penetrator List Price 339. There were physical nbsp . M855 ammo. 56 x45mm M855 SS109 3117 950 Rifle M 16 AR 15 5. 56mm NATO caliber with a mild steel nbsp This requirement made the SS109 M855 round less capable of fragmentation than the M193 and was considered more humane. 56x45mm SS109 M855 at 100 yards 3 rounds fired My best group of the day was the 3 round group that is shown in the above photo. 56x45mm penetrator green tip m855 ss109 in ammo can 420 rounds This case of 420 rounds of 5. Jul 15 2017 M855 specifications NATO specifications for SS109 U. quot In addition bullets of the SS109 M855 type are manufactured by many countries in numerous production plants. PMC X TAC 5. I used M855 during Desert Shield Desert Storm and it worked I am certain the quot A1 quot works well but am curious about its penetration ability vs the older M855 SS109 nbsp This Mil Spec M855 ammo is hard to find stock up now. Just FYI. 56mm Velocities and Accuracy ammunition 55 grain Ball bullets U. Jun 15 2011 ITS Tactical discusses why the Steel Penetrator Tip of the M855 SS109 5. Oct 07 2012 Check us out on Facebook www. Quick view. May 19 2008 Question quot Can a . 223 projectile loaded either to ss109 or m855 spec penetrate body armor 50rd Boxes of 223 5. Xm193 Vs Xm855 M855 was adopted from the Belgian SS109 which was developed out testing of the FN Minimi machine gun later adopted as the M249 SAW by the US Army in the 1970 39 s. 56 x45mm M193 3150 960 Rifle SVD Dragunov 7. FN claimed that this faster rotation also causes the SS109 to have a significantly longer path in tissue before marked yaw occurs thus producing wounds of less severity. 62 x 39 or the 300 BLK. 223 M855 typically is also better at penetrating a target. 56 ammunition and an empty ZQI case and with the other ammo I had at home I now have a full case of 40. Originally called the SS109 round the 5. Closer yet not the same as the M855 powder charge. It isnt visisible in the photo. 56x45 NATO caliber 62 grain weight bullet instead of the traditional target 55 grain. 56x45mm NATO round does not make it legally a Armor Piercing AP round. But it is technically a performance question Does the 62 gr quot green tip quot . 56 NATO Ball Ammunition Ballistic Comparison based on Aberdeen Proving Ground Data velocity fps trajectory in. The results are nbsp 29 Jun 2015 I 39 ve always wondered how the SS109 m855 ammo was constructed and how the steel penetrator was quot attached quot to the lead. Tula 55 gr steel core When it comes to glass and light armor penetration 62 grain green steel tipped M855 was a big improvement over 55 grain lead core M193. Feb 21 2015 M855 SS109 Green Tip Ammo Still In Stock Online billj 02. It s also worth noting that rifle caliber pistols are rarely used in violent crime their usage is a statistical zero for all practical purposes which further begs the question as to why this proposed rule change is being considered. Problem is that American M855 is more powerful than NATO SS109 ammunition supplied for British Canadian and Dutch rifles. 223 62GR XM855I Green tip Ammo. L31A1 EP vs SS109 pattern round credit The Register Mar 10 2012 The M855 reliably punched it like butter and through the 2x4 as well out to the maximum distance I had at the time 150m. Ammo is brass case non corrosive and reloadable boxer primed. Do M193 and M855 shoot to the same point of impact SS109 ammo will not measurably increase barrel wear under semi auto fire and our mil. com I 39 ve chronographed XM855 M855 and SS109 from a 16 in carbine. 223 ammunition. 56. 56MM 62 GR FMJ M855 PENETRATOR USA855L1W 87. Ranger FMJ Penetrator 20 Box. Every round I checked was stamped 2013. My box came with 963 rounds so the measure by weight system used by Federal Lake City shorted me almost a mag 39 s worth but all in all I 39 m satisfied with my purchase. 62 grain in the past. Military 39 s designation is M855. 223 FMJ dans une arme dont le canon est chambr pour des . 26 WC844 or CMR170 28. 10. M193 is lighter nbsp 27 Feb 2015 If you 39 re a regular reader of firearm news and issues then you 39 ve surely come across the recent stir around the M855 SS109 round. Ballistic Coefficient BC for M855 62 grain 5. M193 ammo and why you might choose one over the other. Bullets do contain a steel penetrator and are magnetic nbsp IMI 39 s products have been qualified with the IDF US Military Air Force Army and Navy and NATO nations. 15 YEAR WARRANTY. The red arrow points to the faint line between the steel penetrator in the tip and the lead core backing it. 56 AR 15 Ammo Ban on AR 15 Ammunition ACT 5. This ammunition features a 62grn steel core copper jacketed bullet brass case and non corrosive boxer primer. 56x45 NATO ammunit Stock up with these great bulk packs of 62 grain steel tip ammunition This Federal M855 Ammunition was originally produced for an overseas military and includes the green paint designating a true steel tip penetrator core. You may also see the classification SS109 lumped into the same category as the M855. org Ok obviously this question has a political aspect given the current environment. 62x51 ball ammo Cartridge of the world but don 39 t know if this powder is used in the M855 5. If you are using XM855 and XM193 not M855 and M193 then the answer is product variability in these commercial products. The bullet was designed to punch nbsp 26 Jan 2015 SS109 NATO known as M855 in the United States is the 62 grain cartridge with a copper jacket lead core and steel penetrator. There are blacktipped rounds that are AP. 7 grain bullet . 56 M855 62gr 200rd Steel Penetrator LAKE CITY US Military 200 Rounds 5. 56 can penetrate a concrete masonry unit with a single shot something which can be done with the 7. 50. 56 NATO 55gr FMJ in 20 round boxes Mar 14 2015 M855 Much Ado About Nothing This is a guest post by Andrew Betts The BATFE furiously backpedaled after initially indicating they had decided that M855 or SS109 type 62 gr FMJ 5. Regular Price 478. The Exceptional accuracy of 5. 56x45mm is the U. 223 SS109 and M855 Penetrator Ammunition identified by a green coating on the projectile tip. It 39 s harder to hold consistent wall thickness when the ogive is the bottom of the cup vs. 223 rem the civilian SAAMI spec version of the military s 5. Jan 07 2009 As such with the M4 Carbine for example the combination of 14. The designation SS109 means that this 62 grain bullet features a steel quot penetrator quot tip over a lead core with a partial jacket. Technically both the M193 and M855 are military cartridges. The M855 is nbsp 12 Aug 2017 We are out here at the range testing the four examples of M855 and SS109 loading we have managed to scrounge up. Contacting Ruger for a 1 7 for the SR556. Maximum of 1 Case per customer 1000 Rounds Out of stock. 5 grains with a hardened steel penetrator at a velocity of 3 025 fps q 40 fps from a 20 inch barrel 25 meters from the muzzle. PULLED PULLED. 56mm constituent projectiles of SS109 and M855 cartridges from primarily used for nbsp The M855 SS109 rounds are battle rounds. SKU FEDXM855CSF. Since NATO would not approve it many militaries switched to the M855 SS109 many years ago. I have all the velocity and BC data for XM193 M855 Prvi 75 gr Match and some data on Mk262 also. Aug 17 2014 While comparing ammunition I noticed that the quot M855 quot designation was applied to far more ammunition then the quot SS109 quot The M855 appears to be describing the entire cartridge as a 5. 6 with Fig. GGG 5. The Federal M193 I have ran 2. It shot as well as the 23. 10 shot groups. PMC X Tac M855 Green Tip 5. 5in. Comparable to the famed Lake City M855 this is extremely high quality ammunition used by military forces around the world. Firing at high speeds with accuracy and non corrosive powder these 62 grain full metal jacket SS109 NATO 39 s equivalent of M855 green tip brass cased boxer primed rounds are perfect for all your range training needs. 58 Why are M855 rounds not a threat to law enforcement Strong opposition to the latest bill is in great part because M855 SS109 green tip AP ammunition isn t level 3 armor piercing at all as armor piercing is in fact characterized with black tip ammo. . barrel and M855 Ball Semi AP ammo means you get a high velocity icepick that loses kinetic energy and thus has considerably reduced terminal ballistics even lower than that of an M16A2 using the same M855 round which that even still is about inferior to that of the old . 56mm NATO ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. It is a 62 Grain bullet in a 5. 56x45mm load. 30 06M2AP Jan 30 2015 M855 62 gr steel tip vs. Pression de gaz maximale 4300 bar. It 39 s been proven zillions of times. Brian48 02 56 PM 02 27 2009. 56 ATF Seeking to Ban AR15 Ammo Cal FFL License M855 SS109 Military Ball 62 gr FMJ BT . 56 x 45 XM193 5. M855 cartridge and only nbsp 15 Feb 2015 The SS109 designation is just a second common name for the same ammo. 56mm round using the SS109 bullet that finally got adopted as a NATO common spec ammo in the 1980s. 56x45mm NATO 62 Grain XM855 SS109. 56mm ammunition made in Lithuania by GGG to exceed NATO specification. is for me I would recommend just stocking up on Federal XM193. M855 SS109 has a traditional lead core with a steel tip. 50 5. Mar 15 2018 Heavier than the 55 grain M193 the M855 weighted in at 62 grains and was better suited for threats protected by objects behind like glass thin metals and padded heaving clothing. quot Jun 15 2011 ITS Tactical discusses why the Steel Penetrator Tip of the M855 SS109 5. 56 x 45mm round developed for the Armalite rifles in the 1960s long before the 5. Oct 02 2019 Most NATO nations adopted the SS109 as their first 5. SS109 NATO known as M855 in the United States is the 62 grain cartridge with a copper jacket lead core and steel penetrator. SS109 The M193 was the original 5. 56 M855 62gr 50rd Steel Penetrator LAKE CITY US Military 50 Rounds. 56 ammo. XM193 MV 3075 fps Nov 26 2010 The M855 only penetrates this material out to approximately 160 meters. 56 Ammo. 56x45 62 gr FMJ SC BT M855 SS109 Ammunition is the result of special production procedures and controls which provide manufacturing of the part with very narrow tolerances. FN is the company that developed the SS109 cartridge before the U. 45x45mm quot Poison Bullet quot thrown in just to compare. M. This bullet is. There have been some big advances since the M855 but they are all r eally expensive. 56 45mm NATO NATO SS109 M855 380 500mm Choose the . Not good for hunting uses unless rodents and good for range use. 95 0. Both cartridges are great for small medium sized game and varmint hunting. 56 mm bullet weight 62 grain bullet style m855 1 855 407 AMMO 2666 email protected Pulled 223 62gr FMJ SS109 Bullets Pulled Demilled Bullets for loading 223 or 5. 56 SS109 and M855 NATO rounds with steel penetrator tip. 56mm is not going to penetrate significant armor and or rifle plates on contemporary body armor. could you please explain the differences and which applications each one is best for. 56 mm load I could lay my hands on. The rounds have been manufactured within the last 18 months. 56 mm Ball ammunition is an enhanced performance round for today s combat and training environments. It was a tall order but the first prototype batch of ammo was delivered to the government in August 2007. 56x45mm ammunition for their official since the official NATO round is the SS109 U. Fiocchi also includes a magazine charger for use with the stripper clips and your favorite magazines. when it 39 s a flat base even at the back of a boat tail it 39 s still a flat base for a punch to hit in the draw process . Drag Function G1 Ballistic Coefficient . 00 Our Price 699. 56 x 45 mm 62 grain M855 Ball SS109 M855A1 Special Threat Testing conducted in accordance with an abbreviated and modified NIJ Standard 0101. Love it or hate it there is a bunch of M855 XM855 SS109 floating around on surplus and commercially manufactured markets. Never intended for anything other than marginal accuracy. Also something to watch for is 39 SS109 39 vs 39 M855 39 . 50 Each 1000 Rounds Lake City 5. This Federal M855 Ammunition was originally produced for an overseas military and includes the green paint designating a true steel tip penetrator core. 56 XM 855 62 Grain Penetrator SS109 Lake City US Military 30 Rounds Aug 24 2019 The 5. M855 Ball call for a 61. 56x45mm NATO M193 M855 SS109 amp MK262 Thanks quot NATO specifications for SS109 U. 56mm M855 Ammo 62 Grain FMJ 1000 Rounds Bulk in Ammo Can Federal Lake City 5. Feb 21 2015 ATF Valentine 39 s Day Massacre Say Goodbye to M855 Ammo and others too If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 56 x45mm are M193 and M855 equivalent rounds. it 39 s designed to punch through a kevlar helmet. Apr 30 2019 compiling all of the best FREE 223 5. Winchester loads for the U. 56 became a standardized NATO round and started being used in Currently the military primarily uses the 5. Increased velocity and decreased muzzle flash were accomplished by tweaking the type of powder used but the real magic was found in the bullet design. M193 Ammo Explained Posted on 10 07 2019 9 46 26 AM PDT by Black_Rifle_Gunsmith This post is part of the running hobby topics posted on a regular basis How to Build an AR 15 and gunsmithing with an 80 lower The AR 15 and its . Marines to adopt the 62 grain open tip Mk318 Mod 0 SOST cartridge for combat in Afghanistan and for special operations forces and designated marksmen to adopt the 77 grain open tip Mk262 Mod 1. Very scarce and limited supplies 500 rounds in 20 round boxes factory packaged with US Lake City head stamps. lead or copper is not armor piercing to begin with and will not be effected by the withdrawal of this exemption. Military 39 s nbsp 17 Oct 2005 The SS109 is the name Europe gave the M855. The 55gr XM193 or slower . 56 because they adopted the FAMAS F1 before the SS109 M855 became the NATO standard and never upgraded. FMJ bullets constructed with a steel penetrator in the nose the composition thickness and relative weights of the nbsp 29 Jan 2020 When it comes to accuracy M855 ammo is definitely capable but don 39 t expect match grade performance. There are many differences in a round of M855 vs M193. 56mm ball ammo. 22 Caliber . The SS190 is the 5. The 62 gr projectile is of Belgian design and uses a closed nose copper jacketed lead core. Manufactured to the exacting specifications nbsp 3 mai 2020 223 vs 5. 30 06 M2 AP identified by a black coating on the projectile tip. 7 That sounds like an M855 green tip ban but that little 7 is a footnote. 56x45mm NATO Nokia C2 01 C2 01. 56mm 62 Grain SS109 Ball Ammo for AR 15 Rifle Packed in M2A1 Metal Can Limit 1 5. com. 223 SS109 and M855 green tip ammunition containing a steel core. Here is a video on what this round will do M855 M855A1 M855 M855A1 M855A1 has Significantly Improved Hard Target Performance Battle Barrier Surrogate 3 8 steel Concrete Masonry Unit Results are for M16 meters 0 150 300 450 600 M855 M855A1 M855 M855A1 M855A1 has Significantly Improved Hard Target Performance Mar 11 2015 ATF amp Obama Call Off M855 Ammo Ban It s been a whirlwind episode of head scratching politics and news updates the last month covering the topic of President Barack Obama s back door gun control plan of banning M855 SS109 ammo. 99 with FREE shipping. This is simply untrue compare Fig. 56 NATO Bullet Type Full Metal nbsp The 5. Although all SS109 M855 types must be 62 gr. the legacy M855 green tip round. ru does state that newer barrels are 1 9 and compatible with the SS109. 62 x 51 . 0 MOA at this range. Le 5 56 mm OTAN ou 5 56 45 mm 5 56 45 mm NATO en anglais normalis dans le Ses 5 56 SS109 d nomination am ricaine M855 et d nomination fran aise nbsp Although all SS109 M855 types must be 62 gr. The M855 Ball is the standard load for the US military in all of its 5. M855 ammo M855 ammo Sep 19 2012 M855 is normally somewhat more accurate than M193 out of most 1 7 barrels. We have sold over 100 000 rounds of this ammunition on AR15. Not only is this performance much better than the M855 39 s with its smaller steel penetrator it is vastly better than the M80 Jun 16 2014 M855 is technically an anti light armor round while M193 is straight anti personnel. Assorted 5. 06 and ShotStop Advanced Armor Testing Protocol. The SS109 bullet is a steel penetrator tipped lead core nbsp The first projectile used is the 5. 75 Out of Stock 1000 Rounds Federal XM193 5. 5 Palmetto State Armory AR15 Pistol 62gr PMC M855 NATO BALL R AR 15 ammo IMI 62 grain Green Tip 5. 62mm M40 Ball could not do. 93. 56mm in the late 60 39 s early 70 39 s . 56 M855. 56mm ammunition met the definition of an armor piercing projectile. Nov 25 2013 Federal Lake City M855 vs. Mar 03 2015 It does not affect anything other than M855 and SS109 however fear and misinformation sparked a buying frenzy on all 5. 62x51mm ammo and or as a steel penetrator in a lead or copper bullet the SS109 M855 NATO 5. Ammo is quot GP21 quot ball ammo which is a SS109 M855 type load made to stricter quality standards than NATO requires. Oct 18 2011 M855 is standard 5. What is the M855 Heavier slower slightly and greener the M855 is a 62 grain 5. 223 Rem. It has a steel insert tip. Winchester 5. 223 M855 300rd Brick New Mfr. It works with the M4 Carbine the M249 machine gun and the H amp K and M16A2 PMC X Tac M855 Green Tip 5. 56mm Ammunition Cartridge Caliber 5. Some countries put larger inserts to prevent bullet Jun 09 2008 M855 62gr 3025fps 15 4 100yds 4 MOA 1 9 or faster twist bbl 61. Slower twist other things may come into play even if the M855 is still stabilized. 223 Remington and the SS109 projectile which is a 62 grain projectile constructed of a mild steel ogive the front of the bullet to to where the diameter reaches . Banned NATO Projectile Identification Keep the cost as close to the old M855 as possible. 56x45mm NATO FMJ 62 Grain 120 Rounds in a Battle Pack Buyer 39 s Club 90. FMJ bullets constructed with a steel penetrator in the nose the composition thickness and relative weights of the jackets penetrators and cores are quite variable as are the types and M855 ammo. 5gr Mar 10 2016 Black Hills MK 262 VS M855 Discussion in 39 Black Rifle Forum 39 started by Green Mountain Boy Mar 5 2016. designated the SS109 cartridge the M855 and first used it in the M16A2 rifle. 12m 5. 56x45mm NATO Ammo rifle m855 Cheap 5. Available Stock 9 329. 56 45mm SS109 M855 NATO Feb 28 2015 ammunition including both the SS109 and M855 cartridges. 56 SS109 and M855 that were previously not considered part of the armor piercing ammo ban. The SS109 used a heavier bullet with a steel core and had a lower muzzle velocity for better long range performance specifically to meet a requirement that the bullet be able to penetrate through one side of a steel helmet at 600 meters. Aug 17 2017 Most common 62gr is M855 SS109 which is not known for th ebest accuracy. 56 XM855 penetrator vs. 56x45 . Most of the data except for the Mk262 was collected using my 16 quot WOA barrel shot through an Oehler and confirmed later on. 95. This requirement made the SS109 M855 round less capable Sep 19 2008 Terminal ballistics My understanding is that SS109 M855 was initially designed for barrier penetration. nergie du projectile 1670 1890 J. M855 62 gr steel tip vs. 30 06 M2 AP identified by a black coating on the projectile nbsp SS109 cartridges are mostly non existent early in the game and only become more the SS109 has a two part bullet with a steel core in front of a lead M855 nbsp Q. This 5. Jan 29 2020 Let s take a closer look at the differences between M855 vs. ss109 vs m855 ss109 vs m855 ammo ss109 vs xm855 what is ss109 ammo. SS109 M855 9 1 L110 M856 . In 1986 ATF used this authority to exempt 5. Whether or not other manufacturer 39 s M855 SS109 type ammunition delivers similar performance is unknown. 56mm . 223 brass. 799. I. Things will come and go as we receive and sell shipments but it may appear that we are always sold out unless you are proactive in getting notified. 10 Mar 2015 TRUE The BATF has proposed a reclassification of 5. 56 45mm 9 M855A1 is the Army s new round it boasts improved accuracy penetration and terminal effectiveness vs. ATF proposed ban on 5. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images descriptions and pricing for all products inadvertent errors may occur. facebook. So it was quot designed and intended quot for use in a light machine gun to aid in its performance against the standard NATO helmet at the 600 meter range. 16 quot AR15 American Eagle 5. The 77 grain Mk 262 load has a much better ballistic coefficient and better soft tissue performance. The M855 definitely has a steel penitrator at its tip. Like most military surplus supplies there are strict rules around civilian ownership of M193 and M855 ammunition. 56 45mm NATO standard SS109 M855 cartridge was designed for maximum performance when fired from a 508 mm 20. 18 Sep 2019 The SS109 M855 cartridge has two names but it 39 s one in the same. 62x51mm and 5. Some people selling it advertise it as armor piercing ammo but it 39 s not. M855 SS109 was developed in the 1970 s with the desire to create a round that would penetrate body armor and helmets typically equipping Soviet forces of the period. All M855 meets NATO 39 s SS109 standard. The reason NATO would not approve of the M193 is because they deemed it inhumane because of the wound properties. I may be overthinking this but can I use safely fire 5. 56mm bullets M855 SS109 need a higher rotational velocity to maintain stabilisation in air. I have shot all three rounds through my AR and I can 39 t really tell a difference but I 39 m not on the receiving end. W. M193 vs. 56 NATO quot green tip quot ammunition comes packaged bachelor party style in a can of strippers The 10 round stripper clips and the included stripper clip guide make it easy to load up your AR 15 mags compatible with USGI and Magpul PMAG designs as Mar 09 2015 The M855 round a variant of the 5. 5 in Shooting Angle 0 Lake City 5. 223 with the same 55gr FMJ bullet is usually more accurate than the M855. Out of stock BATFE To Ban Common AR 15 Ammo M855 SS109 In a move clearly intended by the Obama Administration to suppress the acquisition ownership and use of AR 15s and other . ATF AR 15 Ammo Ban on M855 SS109 a Sales Pitch ATF Kills Green Tip Ammo Ban Because Of NRA Assault ATF to Ban M855 SS109 5. Federal XM855 Lake City SS109 06 14 2013 By Steve This bulk 223 remington xm855 ammo was listed as 2012 contract. world. Tula 55 gr steel core There have been some big advances since the M855 but they are all r eally expensive. FN Herstal developed M855 ammunition in the mid 1970 s to address the M193 s penetration issues. blogspot. The SS109 which is heavier and demands a slower twist of rifling 1 turn in 9 inches versus 1 turn is 7 for the M193 was selected on the basis of a NATO trial Currently the military primarily uses the 5. 56 XM855. 224 diameter Rifle Bullet that 39 s right for YOU. Out of stock. Not all SS109 ammo meets M855. s. Thread Tools Belgian designed 5. 56mm ammunition with 62 grain FMJ steel core. You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. Personally I look for ammunition that 39 s been manufactured within the last 20 years and carries the dual designation M855 SS109. No M855 came about as the american version of the NATO 5. M193 quot TW 73 quot Lot TW 2 699 PMC M193 quot PS 80 quot Lot PS E5 2139 79 Because the steel penetrator increases the length and changes the weight distribution of the SS109 bullet it is suitable for use only in Oct 07 2019 AR 15 The 5. 56x45 MM 62 GR SS109 1200 RDS . 308 equivalent is a unique weapon. C. For decades under the sporting purposes doctrine commonly available green tip M855 and SS109 rifle ammunition has been exempt from federal law banning armor piercing ammunition. Lake City The M855 also known as an SS109 or penetrator features a heavier 62 grain full metal jacketed projectile with a seven grain steel tip which is painted green for easy identification and a spitzer boat tail. com. In practice M193 tends to punch through helmets better than M855 at lt 200yds due to velocity. fresh and snappy good penetration and groupings 2 quot 3 quot 200 300 yds mini 14 1 9 twist similar to SS109 m855 but heavier Gr. U. 1 Jul 25 2019 5. Jan 30 2015 M855 62 gr steel tip vs. 56 M855 Cutaway Bearingarms. 56x45mm NATO Ammunition rifle m855 AmmoSeek. Jan 27 2019 Most NATO nations adopted the SS109 as their first 5. The Black Hills 223 68 grain heavy match was lost velocity at a fairly consistent rate. There is no question that this 5. For historical reasons the SS109 was designed specifically for the FN Minimi light machine gun now known as the M249 SAW to penetrate a steel helmet US M1 helmet at 800m something the 7. M855 SS109 is green tipped because it as a hybrid ball with penetrator. Devastator or Dud AR 15 AMMO BAN BIG MISTAKE ATF AR 15 Ammo Ban on M855 SS109 a Sales Pitch ATF Banning AR 15 Ammo Plus Your Civil Rights WeaponsEducation ATF to Ban M855 SS109 5. Spot checked one bag amp count was dead on. The test methodology was simple. Yaw provided M855 s anti personnel effect. With the Ruskies 5. This requirement made the SS109 M855 round less capable 5. guns. 56 x 45 mm weapons. The accuracy M855 SS109 was developed in the 1970 s with the desire to create a round that would penetrate body armor and helmets typically equipping Soviet forces of the period. No fliers. The lesion created in the wetpack was oblong from the point where it began to grow in size and is almost entirely the result of bullet yaw. Jul 25 2012 These SS109 39 s are the REAL DEAL. Barrels required at least a 1 9 in rifle twist but needed a 1 7 in rifle twist to fire tracer ammunition. Aug 14 2011 I 39 m thinking about buying some WC 846 pull down powder I have USGI loading data for this powder in the M193 55gr 5. 56x45 NATO caliber cartridge featuring a low flash powder higher chamber pressures and velocities as compared to the commercial SAAMI counterpart . 56x45 mm NATO Ball bullet SS109 M855 . 50 boxes 20 rounds per box. 56 NATO and not . The M855 uses a sixty two grain projectile stabilized by a 1 7 twist barrel. The green tip ammunition isn t any more armor piercing than . 224 inches When a serious threat arises and your life is on the line that fraction of a second is the precise moment you can t think about your ammunition. 56mm . Sep 20 2018 Both loads are . drop inches drift inches range M193 M855 M193 M855 M193 M855 M193 M855 meters Mar 05 2016 Never mentioned anything about militaries still using it. In 1992 ATF used the sporting purposes exemption again for . This projectile is an effective blend of lead core and hardened steel penetrator at the tip. Nothing in 5. 5mm 500BHN of MIL A 46100 High Hardness Armour Steel while the 5. These green painted bullets have better penetration than the 55 grains. 56x45mm NATO collection Well I am no expert about ammo but I will say that this ammo was performing better than some more expensive products. 56x45mm FN SS92 M193 Ball projectile perforates the target. 0 gr. quot In addition bullets of the SS109 M855 type are manufactured by many countries in numerous production plants. Typical velocity 15 feet from the M16A2 39 s muzzle is around 3 100 fps. 56x45mm NATO 62 Grain M855 SS109 Penetrator Full Ammo Can is a fantastic value and comes in durable waterproof ammo can to be interoperable with all 5. Our plant is 5 miles from the Lake City ammunition plant. Western countries use 7. Are you in the market for some 223 Steel Core ammo High Quality 223 SS109 M855 rifle ammunition available online at Ammunition Store Ammunition store is your source for bulk ammo cheap ammo and surplus ammo at low prices Buy 223 SS109 M855 ammo in bulk for cheap low prices and save Check for bulk 223 SS109 M855 ammo eligibility in the Jul 07 2017 Oregon Ballistics was unable to calculate a v50 value for our AR550 armor because they could not generate enough velocity to penetrate the armor even once with SS109 M855 It stopped 100 of these rounds up to 3500fps which was the max velocity that they could generate with their test fixtures. Have not fired any yet but have had very good luck with the G. 56 getting Ballistic Coefficient BC for M855 62 grain 5. 15 Despite the fact that the BATFE has NOT banned M855 panic buyers have begun depleting the stock from many vendors. Solid Bullets quot on the lower right corner. And is one an all around nbsp 26 Nov 2010 For decades this intense interest in quot guns and ammo quot has sparked sharp In 1982 the Army adopted the 5. p. 1 It 39 s an FMJ. il y a 2 jours Longueur du canon Vitesse de balle SS109 M855 V 4 Perte de vitesse V 4. 56x45mm ammunition. The 1 8 using the GMM is a 500 700 yard shooter while the 1 9 can only reliably reach 300 yards. Vance Outdoors reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. The first is that M855 has a heavier bullet. Ballistics Information Muzzle Federal Ammunition 5. 56x45mm NATO FMJ 62 Grain 500 Rounds available at a great price in our 5. 21. 56 Green tip ammunition is perfect choice for target shooting training or simply stocking up. 223 Remington 62 Grain Full Metal . There is no way I was able to pull this off when shooting 10 round groups but this gives you an idea of what is possible with the ammo. M855 is an American designation for NATO 5. 0 in long barrel as was the original 5. 30 06 M2 AP ammo Hopefully that clears up some confusion for you like it did for me. the bullet itself us called ss109. It produces 2916 FPS. For decades the US military has been issuing th Jun 06 2011 5. The SS109 designation comes from Belgium where FN Herstal is located. but steel core is the best you can nbsp 6 Jun 2011 SS109 is a 55 grain round and the M855 A1 are 62 grain rounds. POI at 100M was within about 2 MOA for all. The M193 has a 55gr projectile traveling at 3250fps while the M855 weighs in at 62gr and 3025fps. 56x45mm round the newer M855A1 nbsp 10 Mar 2015 The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives is proposing the ban of M855 green tip or SS109 rounds with certain types of nbsp 11 Mar 2015 We compare the M855 to NATO 124 grain 9mm ball ammunition fired from a pistol All testing was done at a range of 15 feet and the same rifle was used for all The terminal ballistic performance of the SS109 seems to be nbsp 27 Feb 2009 m855 is the green tip penetrator SS109 . Reliable ammunition for an amazing price. 56 ammo that has a 62 grain bullet with a steel penetrator. Modern 5. 56 mm Ball ammunition is an enhanced performance round for today s combat and training environments. Bryan writes Throughout my time in the Military I d always referred to M855 SS109 5. Bullets do contain a steel penetrator and are magnetic. Nov 29 2010 The green paint was to distinguish the 62gr M855 rd from the 55gr M193 round for countries like ours that had fielded the M16A1 with a 1 12 barrel prior to going to the NATO standard SS109 for the various 1 7 guns. But does not require it to have the steel core 62grain quot SS109 quot bullet. Jan 11 2008 M855 Ball ammunition fired in M16A2 rifle with 300 meter battle sight zero. WARNING Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects reproductive harm and other serious physical injury. The full metal jacket with steel core gives these rounds better velocity and accuracy at longer ranges. version of the Belgian SS109 round which was developed by the Belgian company Fabrique Nationale or FN in the 1970 s. Is commie steel core 55 grain 223 like Tula the poor man 39 s M855 for glass and light armor penetration Winchester M855 Penetrator 5. Differences Between the Cartridges. On pine boards stacked again the M855 out penetrated the M193. In theory this nbsp Then I notice a lot of this M855 for sale Almost every post for 5. This is the best price I have found in many months. Like the SS109 M855 round Seems quot M855 quot is NATO designation Or just US Military one And what does the quot SS quot designation mean as nbsp 18 Mar 2015 by quietly releasing a proposal to adopt a new regulatory framework that would ban M855 and SS109 green tip rifle ammunition in 5. _____ 5. 223 REM only. m855 ammo is 5. However some inconsistencies were found inherent in the design. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. 56x45mm NATO 62 Grain M855 SS109 Penetrator Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Ammo Can of 420 14 Boxes of 30 Product Family 1017362129 Product 991718 Jan 09 2019 One element no one else brought up is that the rate of rifling in most weapons using the newer NATO Ball has also changed in order to handle the stabilization of the related tracer round. M855 s armor penetration is provided by a small steel penetrator placed in the bullet during production. It penetrates 3 8 in 9. 56mm M855 62 Gr. An attempt was made by an anti gun administration to classify it as handgun ammunition. Period. Same with reloads using M855 bullets. Nov 05 2019 M855 DOD contracted cartridges which use SS109 bullets SS109 62gr bullets with steel penetrators Lake City SS109 non DOD contract cartridges loaded by Lake City which use SS109 bullets It s kind of like how 50gr TSX is a bullet but Black Hills 50gr TSX is a cartridge. com offers steel core ammo 223 rounds and so much more. Armor penetration and terminal ballistics should remain unchanged relative to M855. Feb 25 2007 m193 vs ar 500 m193 vs ss109 m855 ammo vs m193 russian steel 55gr bullets vs m193 ss109 ss109 versus m193 ss109 vs m193. 62 x 54R LPS The longer 5. 8MOA at 200 yards from a CAR A3 Elite w 10X leupold on it. 56x45mm. Oct 23 2017 Case Of ZQI SS109 5. 7gr with steel penetrator tip 5. Jun 27 2016 Today s NATO loadings are the SS109 and M855 which feature longer heavier bullets. It is good decently priced range ammo with decent accuracy and actually has good terminal performance to boot. MV Muzzle Velocity ES Extreme Spread SD Standard Deviation MR Mean Radius. 56 NATO cartridge in the world today is probably M855 which is quot 5. In addition the XM193 runs a bit cheaper so it 39 s more trigger time. The round can better penetrate steel brick concrete and masonry walls as well as body armor and sheet metal. This is brand new made for duty use. Federal 5. The round started life as the Belgian SS109 and it was submitted in the 1970s for testing to become the second standard NATO round alongside the 7. PMC 5. 56 The French army still uses the M193 55 grain 5. 99. Click on a term to search for related topics. 89 Upgrade your AR 15 with a new Trigger Today spartan armor systems level III AR550 Advanced Triple Curve 8x10 10x12 11x14 body armor plates rated for multiple impacts by 5. CCDWGuy says March 4 2015 at May 04 2020 M193 vs M855 The M193 cartridge is a 55 gr lead core surrounded by a copper jacket FMJ BT full metal jacket with boat tail . 223 nbsp you asked about 5. 56 Ammunition Green Tip as armor piercing rounds or AP. 7x28mm FN Ball round and the M855 is the American military 39 s version of the NATO SS109 Semi Armor Piercing round. Jun 29 2015 Hey Guys Here 39 s a video showing a dissection of the infamous SS109 62gr . 99 . Components for PPU ammunition are made out of materials of high quality and on special equipment. 7 grain q 1. Rocky Mountain Reloading is the Best Place to Find Great Deals on Bullets and Cases for Reloading. I went almost straight into reloading to get the max accuracy out of my guns so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. 5 mm of mild steel at 350 meters which the M855 can only do at 160 meters . 56x45mm NATO XM855 Ammo 62 Grain FMJ Green Tip 800 Rounds Homeland Munitions 5. 223 counterpart and is not recommended to be fired in a . S. This is the same ammunition currently being used by the Military and is first run quality product. 56 x 45mm round was considered for NATO standardisation. The 62 grain round was heavier than the previous 55 grain M193. My AR is a 16 inch 1 9 twist stock barrel. A. As far as I know there aren 39 t any other calibers with green tips. May 04 2017 Developed circa 2011 the F1A1 round is a modification of the SS109 round with an optimized bullet and case design to increase accuracy and reduce the effects of temperature variance on the cartridge. 56 NATO chambered AR 15 rifles featuring a 62 grain bullet with a mild steel penetrator core. 56x45 and 7. 99 Add to Wish list With this inexpensive clean burning ammo you have everything you need to blast away at the range without hurting your wallet. From what I was told the steels main purpose is to induce tumbling on soft targets flesh not to penetrate. 56 NATO Ammunition 20 Rounds XM85 Our Low Price 44. The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service amp extensive product knowledge. 92 r 92 rLink to seabee277 channel 92 r 92 rLink to the White House Petition to stop the ban of M855 ammo Dec 23 2015 The M855 is a mediocre round and the M855A1 isn t much better. Reply. Military adopted it. You can rest easy that when a range calls for no AP rounds that you ll be safe using M855 if desired. 56x45mm ss109 M855 Ammunition REMAN Seconds 903 62 Grain Steel Penetrator Full Metal Jacket Ammo can of 500 Rounds 238. 56 round. the penetrator is a small rod embedded in lead and copper jackrting. com Check our feedback. atfe wants to reclassify it as armor piercing. These are NEW bullets not demil or pulldown. For it to be considered as armor M855 62 gr. American Eagle 5. Feb 20 2015 The failure of the SS109 M855 led the U. It does have a slight edge over M193 at nbsp 4 May 2020 We quickly explain XM193 vs M855 X vs XM 193 vs 855 To make things a little more confusing you might also see SS109 which is more nbsp Both are 62 grain steel core ammo shooting about 3000fps ss109 is military standard m855 is civilian. 99 64. I shot five five round groups with each of eight Jan 01 2020 they are 62gr FMJ bullets with a steel penetrator. 56 ball ammo has been widely used by law abiding American citizens for sporting purposes. there is a lot of SS109 that is loaded nbsp 12 Nov 2017 The M855 left consists of a copper jacket steel penetrator core and lead I took M193 M855 M995 and M855A1 to a ballistic laboratory and The M855A1 is an exercise in STUPIDITY much like the original SS109 M855. The U. May 21 2012 Last night I loaded 3 recipes with WC844 CCI 400 small rifle primers 62gr M855 ss109 bullets and once fired speer . The ammo carton has the notation quot 525 Grn. Precision One 5. We previously covered the story of M855A1 and Major Glenn Dean s history of the round s Read More Feb 14 2015 SS109 M855 is one of the two most common loadings for 5. Our Price 72. MADE IN THE USA M855 ammo is a 5. 24 Non Member 94. 2013 Danish AMA DENEX M855 SS109 5. Real trucks don 39 t have spark plugs. 56 mm . SS109 VS Spartan Armor Systems AR550 Spartan Armor Systems FTW Although we already had very impressive test results on our Level III AR550 Armor plates we recently decided to push them to the limits. Oct 25 2010 Re M855 Muzzle Velocity from 16 quot AR I can help you out with all of that when I get home in an hour. Due to extremely high demand and very limited supply we are very short on inventory at this time. 223 Rem and the 62 gr are M855 Green tipped 5. 0 in resulted in no improvement or a decrease in muzzle velocities for the SS109 M855 cartridge. Current Conundrum British SS109 5. Add to Wish list. As most everyone knows now the ATF has proposed a ban on what they consider to be armor piercing ammunition in 5. The bullets will actually stick to a magnet but not really well. 69. 7 Projectiles of this caliber loaded into these cartridges made from other metals e. Is commie steel core 55 grain 223 like Tula the poor man 39 s M855 for glass and light armor penetration Olin M855 Winchester 62gr FMJ RA556M855 is from Winchester 39 s Ranger line of law enforcement ammunition. Jan 26 2019 Most NATO nations adopted the SS109 as their first 5. 56 NATO Bulk Wolf Gold Ammo M855 WAmmo Can Brass Case FMJ 62gr n a 500 435. I 39 ve had trouble finding precise numbers just that it is 39 increased 39 . 56 Make sure your AR is chambered for 5. 56x45mm NATO XM855 rounds through a rifle chambered for 5. 56mm Ball L2A2 United Kingdom Under STANAG 4172 standardization agreement 5. 56 XM855 . The United States defines this round as the M855 while the NATO specifications reference this as the SS109 round. Here is a picture of a bullet a pulled from an M855 I bought at the local Gander Mountain. 99 Our Price 179. 56 NATO Ammunition 20 Rounds XM855 SS109 FMJ 62 Grains Q3269 Winchester USA 5. Each 820 round can contains 41 20 round boxes of Federal M855 62gr 5. The M855 is only an enhanced penetration round. 224 cal projectile commonly found in the American m855 surplus 5. 151 Bullet Weight 62 gr Initial Velocity 2875 fps Sight Height 2. 62x51NATO . Hard target performance is also much better. If you like Green Tip it is good to know some of it is accurate enough NATO specifications for SS109 U. 56 45mm 62 grain FN SS109 equivalent ball cartridge with a steel penetrator tip over a lead core in a partial copper jacket the steel tip sticks out of the front of the bullet and is uncovered by the jacket . 56 M855 SS109 Green Tip round in the S. 223 SS109 M855 with Green tips penetrator go through a typical bullet proof vest quot Answer Assuming the quot typical bullet proof vest quot is the type of vest designed to stop pistol cartridges then the answer is yes. 56mm Ball M193 182gr 2. 56 AR 15 Ammo ATF wants to BAN M855 AR15 ammo Ban on AR 15 Ammunition ACT NOW Ban on AR15 556 ammo BigGunner81 M855 SS109 5. Sportsman 39 s Guide has your PMC X Tac M855 Green Tip 5. We sent them off to Oregon Ballistic Laboratories which is an NIJ Certified Laboratory for v50 ballistic testing. When talking about intermediate barriers like cinder blocks I feel the difference between the two is moot and if you want to punch through that stuff step up to . 56x45 load and if it is how many grains. 56 . Is it SS109 or XM855 Posted On 3 17 2013 By Howard We have found that most of the brass markings from Lake City are 2011. 56x45mm NATO 62 Grain Green Tip Full Metal Jacket ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 5. I 39 m told to use H355 data for my loads starting with a minimal load and work my way up. 56 XM 855 62 Grain 50rd Penetrator SS109 Federal Lake City US Military 50 Rounds 223 62gr M855 SS109 Steel Penetrator 1000ct 223 62gr M855 SS109 Steel Penetrator 119. The Army is not in the environment protection business so using a lead free projectile that is more expensive and which robs powder volume by being longer is just plain M193 vs M855 trajectory. It is a nasty round especially when it hits bone and dense tissue. M855 Ball require a 61. Dec 28 2019 The M855 SS109 projectile has a lot of things going against it for making a precise bullet. The SS109 M855 cartridge has two names but it 39 s one in the same. 56 M855 SS109 Green Tip round in the nbsp 223 SS109 and M855 Penetrator Ammunition identified by a green coating on the projectile tip. See full list on modernsurvivalonline. 17m 5. 56x45 caliber bullet traveling around 3 000fps at the muzzle. FMJ bullets constructed with a steel penetrator in the nose the composition thickness and relative weights of the jackets penetrators and cores are quite variable as are the types and Jul 15 2017 M855 specifications NATO specifications for SS109 U. com Search Engine 2020 M855 5. 56 NATO 62 Gr Green Tip FMJ Ball M855 Penetrator 1000 699. 75 gr with a hardened steel penetrator at a velocity of 3 025 fps 20 fps from a 20 inch barrel 25 meters from the muzzle. Aug 08 2018 62 gr Ammo Comparison pictured M855 also known as SS109 or green tip ammo Before I dive into the test methodology and results a little background about the M855 cartridge is in order. Units of the military needing accurate fire much prefer the Mk 262 a 77 Grain open tip match bullet which outperforms the M855 in almost every practical way. 2 It has a boat tail. com GFO270 Read our Blog gfo270. 56x45mm SS109 M855 DM11 should be stopped by 6. It 39 s interesting to watch as garden variety lead core 55 grain M193 penetrates AR500 and wicked cop killing antisocial M855 bounces off. SKU IMI M855 500cs. modifier middot Consultez la documentation du mod le. Whether you 39 re making bulk ammo for plinking creating the perfect hunting round or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot Midsouth has the right Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. They shoot just like M855 for a lot less We are a licensed commercial manufacturer. 56 NATO NATO with a military designation of SS109 in NATO and M855 in the U. Aug 08 2012 The M855 has a steel core same as the SS109. 56x45mm M193 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket 5. IMI Ammunition 5. This week on Tactical Rifleman I wanted to talk about the semi new rifle round that the US Army is fielding. 308. Oct 07 2019 AR 15 The 5. 223 ammo Posted by David Hardy 15 February 2015 02 02 PM M855 is the current military issue and so comprises the quot surplus quot ammo market in 5. 7 load at 2758 FPS. Cement block 300yd YouTube 16 quot AR15 American Eagle 5. 56 NATO M855 green tipped penetrator full metal jacket bullet packed 820 rounds in a steel ammo can. US Manufactured Lake City Arsenal M855 Penetrator ammo 62 grain with steel penetrating core designed for combat use firing at 3 025 f. 56 mm calibre NATO weapons and is comparable to other in service natures such as FN SS109 and US M855 ball cartridges. Guardian Ammunition 5. 5. Features and Specifications Manufacturer Number Q3269 Caliber 5. The cartridge was adopted by NATO in the late Keep in mind that 62gr M855 will not necessarily hold the same zero as other types of 62gr ammo. 56 Rounds XM193 XM855 Gold Medal 69gr If you re a regular reader of firearm news and issues then you ve surely come across the recent stir around the M855 SS109 round. SS109 Steel Penetrator For High Stability Non Expansive Penetration Accurate amp Ideal For Target Practice The SS109 had a steel tip and lead rear and was not required to penetrate body armor. 224 Diameter 62 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Steel Core with Cannelure. Ideal for the higher volume target shooter or brass casing reloader this box of classic M855 ammo comes neatly arranged in stripper clips. 56x45 . Feb 16 2015 The M855 SS109 core does not have the materials listed above that would have classified it as armor piercing in the first place thereby negating the reason to exempt it. NATO adopted SS109 around 1980 as the standard 5. 223 caliber ss109 and M855 ball ammunition with respect to the recently enacted legis lation restricting the manufacture nbsp 28 Dec 2019 SGAmmo bulk ammo fulfillment family owned and operated Stillwater OK The M855 SS109 projectile has a lot of things going against it for nbsp 9 Jul 2015 M855 SS109 was developed in the 1970 39 s with the desire to create a round that would penetrate body armor and helmets typically equipping nbsp 18 Mar 2015 Moving to outlaw M855 SS109 39 green tip 39 ammo there 39 s a new bill in the contention M855 rounds cannot penetrate level 3 police armor and nbsp 223 62gr FMJ SS109 Bullets for loading 223 or 5. 56 45mm NATO nbsp 17 Apr 2019 of 7. You can also get ammo with the same bullet weight without a penetrator. Mar 13 2015 AR500 is Brinnell Hardness 500 Level III steel armor. 5 Aug 2018 What is the real deal related to 223 Remington and 5. 223 and 5. 56x45mm NATO is the standard intermediate cartridge chambering for NATO forces. 56x45mm NATO 62 Grain Green Tip Full Metal Jacket Q3269 Winchester M855 Penetrator 5. Mar 27 2016 For example the most common 5. Nov 12 2017 The M855A1 is an exercise in STUPIDITY much like the original SS109 M855. 5 or 26. OUT OF STOCK 0 American Eagle XM855 5. 223 caliber general purpose rifles the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives unexpectedly announced today that it intends to ban commonplace M855 ball ammunition as Bulkammo has the best price around for 1000 rounds of M855 green tips everywhere else I 39 ve looked is out of stock or charging more than 1 a round. The best load I was able to work up was 25. 56 M855 62 Gr. 18 Dec 2013 ss109 m855 m193 and77otm. Just remember that some ranges prohibit steel core ammunition so you have to check the rules before shooting this ammo. Mar 08 2012 does ss109 damage barrels m855 ammo wear on barrel m855 barrel life m855 barrel wear m855 rifling m855a1 barrel life will 5. M855 ammo M855 ammo Buy American Eagle Rifle at Federal Premium. Packaged perfectly SS109 round was chosen for standardization. SPECIAL THREAT TESTING 5. 56 NATO chambered rifles have longer throats or leade the distance between the case mouth and the start of the rifling than do rifles chambered for the . The largest decrease in velocity resulted from the barrel being cut from 20 to 19 with a loss of Feb 20 2015 M855 SS109 is no more of a threat to law enforcement than M193 or Horandy VMAX loads are. The 5. 6 . 56 mm M193 cartridge. The PPU M855 I have ran 1. ss109 vs m855